What does a rebuilt title mean

 A rebuilt title can mean different things in different states, but one fact is universal: Once your car earns a rebuilt title, it will show up on your history report forever and tarnish your reputation. Identification

A rebuilt title - or a salvage or reconstructed title - is placed on a vehicle after it has been severely damaged and rebuilt or restored with refurbished parts and placed back in roadworthy condition.


A car may acquire a rebuilt title after an insurance company declares a total loss, and the owner will have to pay more to repair it than it is worth. A rebuilt title is also issued after a car has been seized or impounded and then sold to an auto repair shop, a junkyard or upgraded for auction.


Some states require that anyone buying a salvage vehicle who intends to restore it be licensed as a re-builder. In most states, a rebuilt car must be inspected before it can be put back on the road. A person who buys a rebuilt car must intend to keep it since selling it may prove difficult.